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Mineral powder MP-2 25 kg. Mineral powder MP-2 25 kg.

Article: МП-2 25
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Mineral powder is a stone flour or dust obtained by grinding non-carbonate rocks and industrial waste. It is used as an integral part in asphalt concrete, crushed stone-mastic and dry construction mixes, serves as a filler which provides structure, viscosity, strengthens gluing ability, plasticity, elasticity and durability.

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The composition of bentonite clay produced at our enterprise.
The composition of bentonite clay produced at our enterprise.

The composition of bentonite clay produced at our enterprise.

This clay contains about 70% of the mineral component, which belongs to the class of smectite minerals. These are montmorillonite, nontronite, beidellite, hydromica, kaolinite, carbonate, quartz, as well as some other components.

This material has a layered structure and moisture, getting into it, allows the material to swell several times.

In addition to the above components, it has bentonite and other minerals in the composition: sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron oxide, as well as some others. At the same time, it is indicated that the properties of the entire mixture will depend on the amount of one or another component.

So, a suspension with a large amount of sodium will have the highest swelling rate, but calcium bentonite will be significantly inferior to it according to these indicators.

Clay bentonite also has the following properties:

Sedimentation 0%;
Density up to 1.048 cm3 per gram;
Viscosity up to 25 sec;
Volumetric weight up to 0.9 g/cm3.

Application of bentonite clay
Application of bentonite clay

The range of use of bentonite clay is incredibly wide. So, this includes the following areas of application:
Production of ceramics;
The medicine;
Swimming pools, including industrial ones;
Capacities and reservoirs of gas stations;
Waste landfills;
Agricultural sphere;
Roads built on soft ground;
artificial reservoirs;
Construction, including underground;
Manufacturing of lacquer products;
Wine production.
But the main scope is the use of this material in well drilling. A special liquid is made from it, with the help of which flushing work is carried out, which makes it possible to get rid of residues in the cavity of the rock well. At the same time, non-activated or activated solutions will differ significantly in quality.

The mechanism of action of such a gel-like liquid from bentonite is quite simple. It envelops the cavity of the well with the thinnest layer that prevents gas or oil from entering it. This process is called claying and it allows you to exclude the possibility of oil flowing from the well, and also allows you to speed up the drilling process.

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100% quality guarantee
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