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Mineral powder MP-2 (in bulk, 1000 kg.) Mineral powder MP-2 (in bulk, 1000 kg.)

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Mineral powder is a stone flour or dust obtained by grinding non-carbonate rocks and industrial waste. It is used as an integral part in asphalt concrete, crushed stone-mastic and dry construction mixes, serves as a filler which provides structure, viscosity, strengthens gluing ability, plasticity, elasticity and durability.

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Features of bentonite products.
Features of bentonite products.

Bentonite clay powder is a product of drying and fine grinding of natural material - clay, which has retained all its colloidal-chemical properties. It is widely used in the national economy:

in the mining industry - for the preparation of drilling fluids;

in foundry - as binding additives in the production of molding sands;

in ferrous metallurgy - for pelletizing iron ore concentrate;

in ceramic production - to impart high strength to products;

in construction - for the production of high-quality expanded clay;

in the food industry - for the purification of liquids;

in medicine and pharmacology - for the manufacture of medicines;

in agriculture - to improve the structure of the soil.

Bentonite is one of the most versatile and inexpensive natural products in which the mineral content of montmorillonite is 50% or more. From the point of view of practical use, alkaline ones are the best, since they can be used without additional processing.

The quality of bentonite powders primarily depends on the raw material (clay)
The quality of bentonite powders primarily depends on the raw material (clay)

Bentonite powder is also called clay powder and has advantages over other Komov clays. It is a rapid and complete swelling of the contained particles. As for the transportation of clay powders, it is cheaper than the same bentonite clay.

The quality of bentonite powders primarily depends on the raw material (clay), as well as on the method of its technological processing. So, during technological processing it is necessary to add soda ash with acrylic polymers that will improve quality of concrete powder many times.
Bentonite is a type of clay that consists of more than 70% of the mineral montmorillonite. Montmorillonite is a mineral of the aluminosilicate class, which has a uniquely small particle size, about 10 times smaller than the particles of other clays. This particle size of montmorillonite allows it to interact effectively with water molecules, creating an effective drilling fluid.

Areas of application of clay powders based on bentonite:
-Formovochnye mixes - in a combination of bentonite with refractory materials.

-Sorption reagents for purification of food liquid environments, natural, technical and sewage.

-Formation of iron ore pellets in metallurgy.

-Waterproofing of the bases in construction.

-Drilling solution for vertical and horizontal drilling.

-As a load of slaughter.

-Bent powder for the wine industry.

-Household application - filler for toilets for pets.

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